The Project: Dixie Dundas

Mississauga, Ontario

Project Management | Functional Servicing Design | Grading & Servicing Design | Stormwater Management | Low Impact Design
Approvals | Contract Administration

This project involved the redevelopment of three former industrial properties comprised of 16.4 hectares of development area in the City of Mississauga.

It was proposed that this brownfield site be redeveloped into a major commercial centre anchored by two major retail outlets and supported by a number of smaller retail stores, restaurants and services. 

A gazebo will be used with signage that describes the various Low Impact Design (LID) and sustainability initiatives that are integrated within the site. The site incorporates features, such as infiltration galleries, permeable pavement, bioswales, underground storage and a waterfall feature, which will utilize rainwater sourced from an underground storage gallery.

The Highlights

• The initial challenge on this site was finding a suitable sanitary outlet. We provided initial functional servicing advice, ultimately finding an alternate sanitary connection that made re-zoning possible and allowed the project to become viable.

• Approval from the TRCA was required as a result of the adjacent Little Etobicoke Creek. To achieve this Counterpoint designed LIDs and developed specifications for restoration of the Creek to address environmental concerns.

• The stormwater management design and approvals included low impact development features that allowed the site to be developed without a pond. This was a huge win-win for both the developer and the approval agencies, allowing the full use of developable area on the site while meeting stringent environmental and water treatment objectives.

• Designing the project had to accommodate the needs of the TRCA, City of Mississauga and two large format retailers. As we found solutions to meet agency requirements, we worked with the City of Mississauga to obtain a conditional permit for site servicing, and facilitated an early start to construction. This met the critical schedule requirements of the large format retailers.

The Result

this site is now a showcase for implementation of low impact development design.

Three phases of this development have been approved and constructed. The fourth and final phase is approved with construction nearing completion.