We can help you take your project from conception to construction, and handle everything in between. That's been our speciality since day one.

Land Development

Since our inception, Counterpoint Engineering has focused solely on the art and science of land development. It’s what we do.


We provide valuable site screening and due diligence before purchasing a site, as well as strategic advice throughout the project life cycle, considering approvals timing, cost considerations, and regulatory requirements.


We offer a full range of design and engineering services within the scope of land development, including functional servicing reports, detailed grading and servicing design, storm water management, low impact design (LID) and Contract Administration.


Our team is intimately familiar with the regulatory policies and procedures of both greenfield and repurposed urban developments. We've built strong relationships within individual regulatory groups and are well equipped to manage documentation and administration throughout the entire approval process.

Mixed-Use Redevelopments present a whole array of challenges for a developer to overcome.

Mixed-use redevelopments include a number of moving parts. Facets like offsite infrastructure works, plan of subdivision and public components, and construction phasing present a unique set of challenges. Our team knows how to navigate and simplify the process.

As an industry leader with a proven track record, we have experience in all aspects of mixed-use redevelopment, whether it be finding innovative stormwater management solutions, engineering ‘smarter streets’ or simply understanding the complexities of the approvals required. Low-impact development and sustainability are key considerations in our design process.

Our experience, coupled with the solid relationships we’ve built with clients and communities, allows us to remain the top-of-mind consultant for urban re-development in the 416, Greater Toronto Area, and across Canada.

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We know that commercial developers have one primary driver --
Staying on schedule to ensure a reliable delivery date.

Commercial land development projects can be like a 100 metre sprint, where speed and efficiency are key to success. We have developed our process to support, and align our efforts with the unique goals of commercial developers in mind. 

We've built a culture of responsiveness designed to help commercial projects succeed; identifying potential obstacles before they arise, and taking immediate action for issues we can't anticipate. Our streamlined approach has made the difference. We have a long track record of success taking commercial projects through to finish line, and open for business.

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Residential developers know that anticipating and managing land-related issues is critical to staying on budget and on schedule.

Our experience enables us to identify issues that lie beneath the surface, but will have an impact on our clients' residential land purchase and development. If commercial land development is a sprint, residential development is a marathon.

Our full service approach supports our clients from start to finish, staying on track and pushing the pace in the key phases of land development. From providing due diligence and site evaluations, to functional and detailed design, through to finalizing subdivision agreements and receiving engineering approvals, we have the process and expertise in place to take land from raw to residential.

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As urban land developers work to build in their communities, they are challenged by layers of complexity at every turn.

These projects can be like running the 100 metre hurdles, and in larger cities, more like the 400 metre hurdles. Our team has the know-how to effectively navigate these hurdles, and are committed to providing clients with the highest level of service from project inception through to implementation.

From managing approval agency requirements and mitigating associated risks, to working to solve integrated engineering problems, our proven strategies respond to the conditions and time constraints of building in an urban environment.

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